home warranty insurance quote

Posted on January 1th, 2011 by Admin

Plus what little the warranty company kicks in. We are a Service repair Hvac company who will not work for home warranty companies. They twist all information and ask us to bill the customer for all items not covered by their terms. It is not worth the wasted time. most customers think the will pay nothing and are not prepared for this expense. They also do not pay the bill we send them. and fully hide behind email no return calls and time. Advise other contractors for hvac to not work for them. you will consume phone call time and customer is usually not pleased with any results in which they have to pay again customer of these service should stop paying after the home purchase passes first year. many times the reality company will pay the difference this 1 year period to please customer repair only not replacement. CAUTION CAUTION TO ALL THAT USE OR GET INVOLVED WITH LOSS OF FUNDS WILL REAR ITS HEAD IN TIME.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

They never had the courtesy to call and tell me or the vendor.

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home warranty insurance quote

“ I have brand spankin new appliances, heater and a/c unit. ”