average cost of home warranty plans

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They were without water for almost 4 days waiting on the guy to show up. When he did not only was he not very professional he seemed to be very new to the trade and didn't know what he was doing. He ended up causing more problems than they started with and FORGOT to turn off the water to their garage apartment before he left for the evening and the next day the apartment was flooded which created a whole new slew of issues of having to replace carpet, sheet rock and molding. No thank you I don't need someone coming into my home and creating additional problems. We recently purchased our first home which was built in the 1920's. The age of the house along with my husband being away from home at least 60 hours a week and having a newborn + a 2 year old prompted us to purchase a plan through AHS. We'd hoped this would alleviate stress and unexpected expenses, but instead it has only added stress to our lives. Just to get a few small leaks repairs has taken over two months and one of them is still not fixed. Their contractor was definitely sketchy. AHS had us find our own contractor to diagnose the other, unfixed leak and said to have the contractor call in. Problem is of course the call wait times are over 30 minutes and the contractor wasn't going to wait on hold that long.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

Their ratings offer a bigger glimpse into the reviews and comparisons of the home warranty service providers.

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average cost of home warranty plans

“ If you don't have a shop vacuum, you can use a piece of surgical tubing to free the blockage. ”